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Bit Bot

E3 Demo Build

By Xavier Orion Games

This demo is a work in progress of an eventual PC ,and Nintendo Wii U 


USB/Xbox 360 Controller

Movement-Directional Pad
Context Sensitive Events- "A" Button


Movement-Arrow Keys
Context Sensitive Events- Spacebar

******Title Screen*****

Start by either pressing A ,or Spacebar

*****How To Play*****

You control Bit a repair Bot. You are to rid the system mainframe of
negativity by moving over the negative tiles flipping them to positive tiles.

Once all the tiles in the level are changed to from negative to positive the 
exit warp becomes avaliable.

You must keep an eye on your battery power as it slowly drains while playing.
Running into the border of the circuit will drain some your battery power.

Reflipping a tile from positive back to negative will also drain some your battery
power as well.

You can regain some battery power by sucessfully completing a level ,or collecting
a battery power up.

Gears will also regain you some battery power along with giving you a 1up
if you collect 50 of them.

If you flip 50 tiles to positive in a row without reflipping a tile back will 
also allow you to regain some battery power.


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