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Booty Diver is an underwater arcade/action game inspired by Atari/NES games. Gameplay is meant to be easy to pick up ,but hard to master.

In this game the player controls Diver by freely moving around the level while avoiding the enemies, and traps. The goal is to recover the Booty at the bottom of the level then carry it back to your boat via an anchor that appears once the treasure is collected.

Be careful though as taking damage while cause the Diver to drop the Booty thus needing to retrieve it as without the Booty you can't exit the level.

The Diver has limited amount of air between dives ,and can only shoot 3 harpoons at a time.


Steam GreenLight Demo NOW AVAILABLE!

Last year we released an older version of Booty Diver here on Itch.io. Over the past year in the process of finishing the Nintendo Wii U port we made alot of changes/enhancements to the game.

Now with the Wii U version nearing release we are attempting to relaunch on PC with the enhanced version of the game with a full relaunch on here as well as possibly Steam (if we can make it through the GreenLight Process)

Which is where this demo comes in....This 3 level demo is to provide you with a VERY small taste of what to expect in the full game in order to help show you guys Booty Diver is worth your YES vote on Greenlight as well as your purchase when it's released.

Thank You

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Published 2 years ago
Release date 1 year ago
AuthorXavier Orion Games
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-bit, Arcade, atar, booty, construct2, diver, underwater, wiiu
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)

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BootyDiver_SteamGreenLight_DEMO 189 MB

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